Strona główna
Strona główna
Siubi dubi (Psalm 88)
So many troubles have fallen on me
That I am close to death.
I am like all others who about to die;
All my strength is gone.
I am abandoned among the dead;
I am like the slain lying in their graves,
Those you forgotten completely,
Who are beyond your help.

REF: Lord, I call to You for help;
Every morning I pray to you.
Listen to my cry for help,
And I lift my hands to you 
In a prayer.

You have thrown me into depths of the tomb,
Into the darkest and deepest pit.
Your anger lies heavy on me,
And I am crushed beneath its waves.
You have caused my friends to abandon me;
You have made me repulsive to them.
I am closed in and cannot escape;
My eyes are weak from suffering.

REF.: Lord, ...
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